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Updated: October 10, 2013

Flyboard Magazine has had our eyes on Bryan Finne for a while now and we are stoked to see that he qualified for this year’s 2013 Flyboard World Cup happening in Doha, Qatar (November 7, 8 and 9th). Bryan flies with Flyboard Funatix out of Washington State and as you’ll see from his videos he’s got a great riding style and isn’t afraid to have fun with the sport.


FM: So Bryan, tell us a little bit about your sports background and how you got into Flyboarding?
Well my name is Bryan Finne and I was born in Palmdale, California. I moved up to the great North West when I was 6 years old and have been here ever since. I grew up riding everything that ended with “board”. Wakeboard, Skateboard, Longboard, Snowboard, etc… Ever since I was a little guy I was always in the water and wanting to do some kind of water sport. Didn’t matter what it was. So my fiancée’s dad, Mike, and a friend came back from Cabo San Lucas in February, 2013 where they first tried out the Flyboard and said to themselves, “we need to bring this back to the States.” They established a Flyboard Dealership in several Washington Counties. Mike Mohney (owner of Flyboard Funatix in Washington) and I flew to Utah to be trained as Certified Instructors by Jordan Wayment and Chase Shaw of Rocky Mountain Flyboard. From then on I’ve had Flyboard fever and try to get out there as much as I can. Love to get out there and see people just so amazed videotaping or taking pictures with their phones. It gives me the motivation to put my blood and sweat in to this new water sport.



FM: Was there a moment when you really felt like you could take your riding to an elite level?
Well, people say I’m the best in the North West (Washington State). I laugh because other than our crew and our Flyboards, there aren’t a lot of them out here yet. I flew for the Mastercraft Professional Wakeboard Tournament in Monroe in July. They travel all the way from Florida, stopping in various States for the tourney along the way. After my demo the head guy walked up to me and said “we have been traveling across the US and out of all the people that have shown up to do demo’s on the Flyboard you are the first we have seen that looks like you have the most control”. Bunch of people came up and took pictures with me and asked a little about me. Felt pretty awesome! People say I have a “smooth” style plus now I’m a lot better than I was 4 months ago starting out, back flips are higher, spins are faster, bigger dolphins, 360′s up to backflips and I throw bad ass 360 wall rides (not sure what you call it). But I am not a fan about bragging about myself because there are better riders out there in the states and outside of the states going hard every time they ride and trying to learn new things. But it is my goal to be one of the best top riders out there!

FM: What is it about this particular sport that has you so stoked? What are your short term and long term goals as a pro flyboarder?
Well the thing about Flyboarding that has me so stoked is that it’s not a known sport to a lot of people out there and some question on how your limited to so many tricks. But the thing is, this is just the beginning, just like any kind of board sport that started out and it has great potential for taking off and becoming extremely popular. Some of my short term goals are to keep my focus and go out there to tweak old tricks to make them better and invent some of my own and to get in to more events and shows to get out there and show off the Flyboard to the public. Also trying to get sponsor’s for riding. My biggest long term goal is to prepare myself for the future competitions that could start popping up all around the world and to compete in the World Cup.

FM: What is your process for pushing the equipment’s limits and inventing new tricks? Do you have a trick that has Bryan_Finne_Backflipbecome your favorite?
Well on my off time it’s hard not to think about Flyboarding every second of the day. So I mainly spend my time thinking of my next trick to try and master. I’m always out there trying to push the equipment’s limits and tricks. When I go out riding to try something I thought of that day, if it is possible to do, I would spend my whole time on that one trick until I had it mastered. Being where I am at today with only 4 months of riding, It’s working. I would have to say doing a 360 up to a backflip is my favorite trick!

FM: What was the hardest trick to learn or is there any one thing that you find is the most difficult aspect of Flyboarding?
When I was first starting out I found the most difficult aspect of Flying was going backwards. It was uncomfortable and a very awkward position to ride in. The key is to counter balancing your weight and leaning forward so you don’t just go straight on to your back. Once I had that down it opened up a whole new world of tricks and moves. There is a move that I just learned coming out of chasing the jet ski backwards that looks extremely smooth. It’ll probably be in my next video!

FM: Are you friends with any other top riders? Do you keep in touch with Jordan and Chase?
 How do you gauge your flying against the other pros as they work around the world?
I haven’t yet had the opportunity to meet many of the top riders other than Jordan and Chase out of Utah, who trained me to be an instructor. Definitely cool guys and great instructors. Chase is actually the one that taught me. He told me to “man up” and throw a backflip on my like 4th time riding and 1st time ever riding with them. Jordan and I keep in touch every now and then, and when we do talk it’s usually to show each other new tricks we’ve learned. I look forward to meeting more top riders so I can gauge myself better and to hopefully learn more tricks.

FM: Tell us a little bit about Flyboard Funatix and your goals for growing the sport in Washington State.
Flyboard Funatix finally got rental operations started on Moses Lake in Washington on August 10th. It started pretty late in the summer this year and we are still working on doing rentals in other locations in the state. Until we can get permits to run business on these other locations, it will not be possible to share this awesome sport with others. But in the meantime the business that we have been getting in Moses Lake has been going great. I love to get new fliers out there and show them that they can fly on there first attempt. Just the excitement and feedback that I receive from new fliers is amazing. Right now our goal for Washington State is basically spreading the word and advertising this sport so eventually people would want to get out there to fly and create some events.

FM: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions… I have one more for you. What Flyboard related topic or topics would you like to see Flyboard Magazine cover in the future?

I would think a good topic to start or something to ask around is coming up with set trick names. Such as torpedo or tornado, etc… Something all the fliers on here could start introducing to this sport. Like a forum or Facebook group for the professionals that you find to talk back and fourth and share short clips of a trick and what they would want to call it..

Hey Bryan that sounds like a great idea. Perhaps this year’s World Cup event will be a good launching pad for everyone to begin the trick naming process. I also think that the Facebook Group ‘Flyboard Family Official’ includes most of the current Pros and dealers so perhaps the discussions could begin within that group.

Congrats again on being selected to compete in the 2013 Flyboard World Cup and all the best in Doha!

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  1. don

    October 25, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    Charge it in Doha brother. Keep pushing! Make the Funatix proud.

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